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Jennifer Wehner is the brains and face of Fast Track Agent. Jennifer has grown her personal real estate business, The Wehner Group, to over $205 Million in annual sales volume placing her in the top 1% of agents in the country.

Coaching, mentoring, and consulting has always been a passion of Jennifer's. She founded Fast Track Agent in order to give back to the real estate community and encourage connection, networking, and success!

Now, Fast Track Agent is responsible for creating some of the nation's top performers, taking agents out of the "hustle" and placing them on the Fast Track to success.


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Many new agents don’t know where to begin. We will provide you with the complete package to get you started and help you grow your business the right way! Eliminate the stress so many new agents face by receiving advice from Jennifer directly and connecting with agents who know exactly what you're feeling.

Fast Track Agent is an 8 Week Course designed to help you reach your full potential - in both your life AND in your real estate career. This course provides all the systems, structures, and resources you need to put your business on the Fast Track to success!


Many experienced agents reach a plateau and get stuck riding the Agent Rollercoaster. If you are  burnt out and looking for a way to finally achieve the work/life balance, Fast Track Agent will show you the proper systems to implement to get to the next level. You don’t need to work every day and do it all alone!


Fast Track Agent provides the best education available to licensed agents on the market today.

The complete 8-week course leaves no stone unturned, and provides even the most experienced agent with new strategies and resources.

Whether you are new to this industry, or a battle-hardened vet, the Fast Track Agent team stands by the quality and value of this education. Always fresh, always relevant.


Fast Track Agent is more than just education, it's a family. Partner up with some of the nation's top producing agents, and get support when you need it most.

No single agent has all of the answers, and that is where the power of community comes into play. With experts across the USA, you will be hard pressed to find a problem or question that this family has not encountered before.


Education and community are great, but every top performer needs a personal mentor. Try to find a top 1% agent that has NOT had a mentor. That's okay, we'll wait...

To be the best, you need to work with the best. Fast Track Agent provides you with direct access to Jennifer Wehner through weekly coaching calls. Have your pencil and paper ready, because the mentorship calls is where the magic really happens.

Create a custom plan for your business directly with Jennifer Wehner and follow up with your questions every single week.


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